About Us

Embode is passionate about delivering the highest standard of services to our client organisations across the areas of social protection and development, business and human rights and organisational analysis.

We understand how important consultancy services are to highly-mission driven organisations and programmes that require skilled, experienced and reliable consultants who they can trust and collaborate with.


Aarti Kapoor

Founder and Managing Director

Aarti Kapoor is the Founder and Managing Director of Embode. She is a qualified lawyer in both the UK (England and Wales) and the US (New York state) and has a Masters in Law and Economics.

Aarti has over 20 years of professional experience, including 15 years working on human rights issues, with a focus on human trafficking and child exploitation. She has worked in leadership positions in the UK and South East Asia with government, NGO and corporate agencies as well as undertaken assignments in Eastern Europe and Africa.

Just before founding Embode, Aarti led Project Childhood, an Australian government regional initiative against child sexual exploitation in tourism across Cambodia, Lao PDR, Thailand and Vietnam for World Vision. This included directing an international child safe tourism campaign reaching over 15 million people and overseeing an education / awareness-raising programme on prevention of child sexual abuse to over 40,000 people, including children and parents. Previous to this Aarti was the Chief Policy Advisor for the UK’s Child Exploitation and Online Protection centre (CEOP) where she headed up its Child Trafficking Unit after carrying out the first Home Office-commissioned national assessment on child trafficking. In her position she also led police policy development on child trafficking on behalf of ACPO (Association of Chief Police Officers) Lead Mr Jim Gamble (QPM).

Over the course of her work she has successfully consulted to a range of international organisations including the Asian Development Bank and agencies of the UN. Aarti is known in the sector for her analytical mind and capability to think strategically and systemically. She is passionately dedicated to helping organisations reach their highest potential and effectiveness. As part of a Masters programme with the Grubb School of Organisational Analysis and Alanus University, Aarti is undertaking an action research of organisational dynamics in the child rights and protection sector.

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In fulfilling our work, we have a growing global network of independent consultants, carefully selected for reliability, dedication and an established expertise. In our collaborative consultancy we focus on continuous learning.

Embode’s consultants have backgrounds in academia, international organisations, government as well as public and private sectors. Their specialisations range from research and development, to law enforcement and sustainable business.

Frédéric Thomas, PhD

Dr Frédéric Thomas is an international economist and technical expert with over 15 years experience working on supply chain analysis and responsible business with a focus on tourism as well as child exploitation.

An Associate Professor in Tourism Economics at the University of Paris 1 - Pantheon-Sorbonne, Frédéric is a French national and has lived in Cambodia, Thailand, Senegal and worked in over 15 countries for agencies such as the World Bank, the International Trade Centre, UNWTO, UNCTAD, the EU as well as several NGOs.

Of particular note, currently living in Senegal, Frédéric has spent over 5 years working in Africa (Senegal, Benin, Mali, Ghana, Burkina Faso, the Gambia and Uganda) and 10 years in South East Asia (Cambodia, Thailand, Vietnam, Lao PDR and Myanmar). He has strong practical field experience and has extensive networks in the area of economics, supply chain analysis and the global tourism industry.

Projects with Embode :
National Situational Assessment of Child Labour and Child Slavery in Côte d'Ivoire and Ghana

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Korotoum Doumbia

Korotoum is a senior consultant in sustainable development and specializes in sustainable agriculture. She has more than 12 years experience in the cocoa sector and is competent in undertaking research, assessments, capacity building and training activities.

In 2013, Korotoum founded K'Origins aiming to promote sustainable development in mining, agriculture and industry sectors in Cote D ivoire and West Africa. K’Origins’ major clients include Utz Certified, Fairtrade International, OLAM, Cargill and Barry Callebaut.

Before founding K’Origins, Korotoum held various posts with international agencies. This included posts such as an auditor and Liaison Officer for West Africa in FLO (Fairtrade International), a Child Protection Officer with the United Nations Peacekeeping Mission in Cote d Ivoire, a Cocoa Programme Manager at Solidaridad and a Certification Programme Manager at Cemoi.

Projects with Embode:

National Situational Assessment of Child Labour and Child Slavery in Côte d'Ivoire

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Jana Sillen O’Gorman, LL.M

Jana Sillen O’Gorman is a child protection and anti-trafficking specialist with twelve years’ experience in Europe, Southeast Asia and West Africa.

Jana holds a Masters degree in Law from Maastricht University in the Netherlands. Her work with Save the Children, ChildFund, ECPAT, War Child UK, UNICEF and UNFPA focused on supporting trafficked, refugee and separated children, children on the move and children in conflict with the law. Jana has a strong understanding and expertise of international and regional standards on children's rights and throughout her career, has represented and assisted many survivors of child trafficking, exploitation, early marriage and gender-based violence as well as children affected by armed conflict. She has a strong record of professional publications and solid skills in managing research and analysis for thematic reports, proposal development and evidence-based studies to support policy dialogue and advocacy – in both English and French.

In 2011, Jana moved to Gambia to manage a two-year project with Childfund, enhancing the national child protection system to prevent and respond to child trafficking. She is well-versed in providing strategic technical guidance and support on child protection issues to senior government officials, criminal justice professionals, police and security agents, colleagues and partners.

Projects with Embode :
Development and preparation of a project proposal for an initiative against child trafficking for World Vision Ghana

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Simon Baker, PhD

Simon Baker undertook his PhD on child labour and has worked on issues related to child prostitution, child labour, human trafficking, reproductive health, HIV/AIDS, migration and livelihoods for over 20 years in Asia.

He has focused on operational research, surveys, population size estimates of trafficked victims, among children in sexual exploitation, female sex workers, trafficking victims, migrant workers, men who have sex with men, injecting drug users and at-risk youth. His work includes getting communities to develop edutainment materials related to health, and estimating changes in livelihoods. Simon’s extensive M&E experience includes developing M&E frameworks for social development programming, conducting research to inform and monitor programme implementation, and implementing independent outcome evaluations on regional and global programming for a range of clients.

Simon has worked with agencies across the development sector, including Child Workers in Asia, ECPAT, Save the Children, Acting for Life, Plan Thailand, World Population Foundation, Knowing Children, UNESCO, ADB, UNICEF, ILO, UNFPA and UNIAP.

In addition, he has been an advisor to organisations working on commercial sexual exploitation of children, such as ECPAT, World Vision’s Project Childhood Prevention Pillar programme and for Prevent Human Trafficking Institute (PHI) programme activities in Thailand and Cambodia.

Projects with Embode :

National Situational Assessment of Child Labour and Child Slavery in Indonesia

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Anna Sakreti Nawangsari

Anna Sakreti has 16 years of operational and strategic experience working as a Senior Social Worker in Indonesia across issues of domestic violence, sexual harassment, human trafficking, migrant workers, child labour, internally displaced persons, and psychosis.

She has undertaken direct casework with hundreds of victims of domestic violence, sexual harassment, trafficking, and psychosis. This has included providing direct counselling, support through referral mechanisms, and advocacy with government, non-government, and international organisations. Anna has used this experience to develop the concept and analysis of a psycho-social database of trafficked victims. At policy level, Anna has worked in advocacy and strengthening of referral mechanisms in relation to human trafficking. This has included building and coordinating a network of government and NGOs across Indonesia and internationally.

Due to her expertise, Anna has provided technical consultation to the Indonesian government over a number of years on laws on domestic violence and human trafficking. Anna has also undertaken social research; using both quantitative and qualitative methods, on internally displaced persons, child and maternal health, community development, prostitution, and social development. She is a credible trainer having developed and delivered training modules on human trafficking, gender, and violence nationally.

Projects with Embode :

National Situational Assessment of Child Labour and Child Slavery in Indonesia

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