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Embode commits to regularly sharing insights on the issues of human rights, social protection, responsible business and organisational analysis.


We are also committed to sharing information and updates about our findings and projects in collaboration with our clients and partners.

Vacancy Announcement : Consultant - Business & Human Rights (Contract)

03 April 2024

Release of Cocoa Life's 'Strategy to Help Protect Children' & how Embode applied a child-centred approach to support its design

14 March 2023

Unseen - Podcast Episode with Rebekah O'Rourke

7 November 2022

Webinar Series Part 3 – Remediating Child Labour

19 September 2022

Unpacking Complexity - The Dynamics of Human Trafficking

14 July 2022

Being the change - Organisational and personal resilience in Human Rights work

20 June 2022

Webinar Series Part 2 - Root Causes Child Labour

18 March 2022

Migrant Workers' in Malaysia's Palm Oil Sector - RSPO Panel Discussion

1 February 2022

Webinar Series Part 1 - An Introduction to Child Labour

1 July 2021

Report Release: They Snatched From Me My Own Cry: The interplay of social norms and stigma in relation to human trafficking in Ethiopia

18 March 2021

Report Release: The Tradition of Toil: The Interplay of Social Norms and Stigma in Relation to Human Trafficking in Indonesia

11 March 2021

Report Release: The Road to Worthy Work and Valuable Labour

12 November 2020

How can social audits in factories reveal a culture of fear?

9 September 2019

What are we doing wrong on child labour? - Ten ways for business to get it right

19 March 2019

Busting the Myth: Foreigners fuels demand for child trafficking?

15 February 2018

Why are children’s rights not just like any other human right?

12 July 2017

When children are at school, they are not on the cocoa farm

12 June 2017


‘Prioritise child well-being and community development in the cocoa sector’ says Embode

23 May 2016