Call for Applicants: Nepal Consultant

11 October 2018


Consultancy: Engagement and Relations Consultant


We are looking for a short-term resourceful consultant in Nepal

to provide logistical, interpretation and local knowledge for

an international research team



Embode is conducting an assessment of accountabilities in relation to migrant labour in Malaysia. As part of this assessment, there will be a focus on Nepal as a migrant labour sending country.

Scope of Work

Embode is looking for a dynamic and resourceful national consultant to support consultations and field research visits in Nepal. These will take place over one visit of approximate 2 weeks in November or December (dates are to be finalised). The consultant’s specific responsibilities will consist of facilitating the smooth engagement of the Team Leader with national and local stakeholders in Nepal, as well as coordinating visits to communities from where workers are sourced. This will include:  

·       Coordinating, communicating and consulting regularly with the Team Leader before and during the visit in Nepal.

·       Making logistical arrangements, scheduling and bookings for meetings and events during each visit.

·       Where required, write formally to government or other organisations to request meetings and consultations.

·       Coordinate with research partners in organising and scheduling the visits.

·       Organise and ensure follow-up of the itineraries of Team Leader during the visit.

·       Provide translation and interpretation, where required, for meetings, interviews and other research events.

·       Attend and participate in all meetings and events as part of the consultations and field research in Nepal.

·       Travel with Team Leader to sites around Nepal for the research.

·       Facilitate meetings with high-level national and local government, and other relevant organisations.

·       Support and assist group discussions and consultations in communities with Team Leader.

·      Provide important and relevant local knowledge in areas such as local infrastructure (i.e. transportation, government), culture/norms and such conditions.

The consultant will report to and be supervised by the Team Leader. Where the consultant has technical expertise in the area of migrant labour rights, there may be further scope to provide technical input to the assessment.

Required Competencies

•       High-level of fluency in spoken and written English and Nepali.

•       Well-spoken and presentable manner for purposes of formal and informal meetings and events.

•       Credible experience and background working with government, international organisations or civil society in Nepal.

•       Excellent interpersonal skills; able to work with people from diverse backgrounds and maintain good relationships with internal and external stakeholders

•       Strong information technology skills and competency in using Microsoft Office software

•       Strong problem solving skills and ability to take initiative in delivering results.

•       Ability to think in your feet and take initiative.

•       Capacity to understand purpose of project and contribute creatively.

Desirable Competencies

·       Technical background and experience in the field of development, government relations or research, particularly labour rights.

·       Graduate qualifications in related field.

·       An interest and curiosity in social protection and responsible business.

Child Protection Requirements

As this position may involve direct interaction with vulnerable children, the consultant will need to fulfil preliminary background and records checks before finalisation of contract, in accordance with Embode’s child protection policy.  

Application process

Interested applications are requested to send a cover letter and CV to Aarti Kapoor aarti@embode.co outlining why you are interested in the position and your proposed day rate by 26 October. Please note that we retain the choice of selecting a candidate before the deadline and therefore encourage applicants to submit CVs as soon as possible.