Call for Applications - Child Protection Consultants

10 January 2020

Embode is looking for short-term consultants in Malaysia, Philippines and Thailand to provide child protection training and guidance for research enumerators


Embode is providing technical support to Ipsos (a large, international public policy and social research agency) in undertaking a quantitative household survey on children’s experiences of online dangers in six Asian countries.

The research has been commissioned by UNICEF and will focus on children’s experiences of violence, sexual exploitation and abuse online, via a nationally representative household surveys of parents and children. The survey will be conducted in a total of 13 countries in Southeast Asia and Eastern and Southern Africa. Embode’s role will be to provide child safeguarding advice, training and referral guidance to the IPSOS research teams in Asia during the data gathering phase, as well as to provide expert child protection input in the research method, tools and outcomes.  

Scope of Work

Embode is looking for national consultants in Cambodia, Malaysia, Philippines and Thailand to support the field research being carried out by Ipsos by ensuring adequate child safeguarding protocols are put in place. This will include the development and adaptation of children safeguarding protocols for the national context, delineating a safeguarding referral process in case any child protection concerns are raised, delivering training to enumerators on child safeguarding, as well as advice over the course of the research. The consultancy is estimated to take up approximately 17 days (for each consultant) and it is anticipated that most of this work will be conducted between February 2020 – May 2020. The national consultants will report to Embode’s Project Lead with overarching supervision under the Managing Director. The consultant’s specific responsibilities will include: 

Document review Review the translated survey questionnaires (1 for children and 1 for parents) and consent forms to make sure that the terminology and way the questions are phrased is understandable and culturally acceptable.

Attend and deliver training All national consultants will attend a 3 day Training-of-Trainers (ToT) in Bangkok together with relevant Ipsos research team country leads. The training will provide information on child abuse and exploitation, including online; conducting research with children on sensitive topics; responding to disclosures; guidance on reporting and referral services for victims; as well as self-care for researchers. After receiving the ToT, the national consultant, in conjunction with the Ipsos country lead, will co-deliver a country-specific training session to the Ipsos research enumerators. The national consultant would be required for 3 days of the training and deliver the child protection components, which they would have adapted for the specific country and cultural context.

Safeguarding protocols Given the nature of the research, there is a likelihood that Ipsos enumerators may encounter disclosures of child abuse or neglect during fieldwork. Embode’s national consultants will need to ensure that all Ipsos enumerators are clear about the protocol to follow to ensure child safeguarding is maintained as well as how to make a child protection referral. The Project Lead for Embode will develop the safeguarding referral protocol in English, and the national consultant will be responsible for translating and adapting for the respective national context. This will include adding the legal requirements in each country for reporting child abuse together with a list of national/ local authorities and support services for reporting and referral. These may be categorised according to geographical region, type of case i.e. sexual abuse, cyberbullying etc, as well as whether the incidence or risk of harm emanates from the family or community, or from an online source. It is expected that there will be a need to liaise with the relevant agency or agencies in any given country in advance so that they may expect referrals as part of the research effort.

Oversight of child safeguarding during data collection During the 5 weeks of data gathering, the national consultants are expected to be available for any advice and oversight monitoring. This may include speaking with enumerators over the phone to answer any child protection questions they have and provide advice if they have a concern or disclosure of child abuse, as well as observing some of the fieldwork. The national consultants will be expected to debrief and provide feedback to the Embode Project Lead on the experiences of monitoring child safeguarding and protection during the data gathering.



  • High-level of fluency in English and national language, both written and spoken. 
  • Extensive knowledge and background in the field of child rights and protection.
  • Credible experience facilitating and delivering training workshops.
  • Familiarity with relevant national legislative frameworks.
  • Competent in using digital technology, including using MS programs and online conferencing and communications.
  • Excellent interpersonal skills – able to work collaboratively as a team with people from diverse backgrounds.
  • Strong problem-solving skills and ability to think on their feet.
  • A can-do attitude with a strong teamwork capability


  • Links with child protection and child safeguarding service providers across government and NGOs, and across geographic regions of the country.
  • Graduate qualifications in social work, development studies or other related field.
  • Experience developing referral protocols and scoping of government and NGO child protection services.

Child Protection Requirements

As this position may involve direct interaction with vulnerable children (aged 15-17 years), the consultant will need to fulfil preliminary background and record checks before finalisation of contract, in accordance with Embode’s child protection policy. 

Application Process

Interested applicants are requested to apply to applications@embode.co

The application should consist of:

  • A curriculum vitae (in English)
  • A cover letter (in English) outlining your relevant skills and experience as well as expected daily rate.