Workshop : Leading in the Present

16 September 2016


Bangkok - Grand Hyatt Erawan

This workshop will aim to develop leadership capacity to work with one’s experience in the present, in order to more effectively take up purposeful action in one’s organisational roles.

As leaders and professionals, we can often get caught up amid the intensity of opportunities and challenges that working in this region involves. A melting pot of diversely interconnected cultures, histories and international hubs, Bangkok is a regional capital teeming with cosmopolitan businesses marketing to a global clientele, multinational corporations, emerging startups, UN and NGO agencies and freelance consultants working on creative projects. At times, we can become unfocused and unable to locate oneself within one’s inner and outer experiences. One might question ‘how have I found myself here and why?’, ‘what does my organisation need from me in order to serve its purpose?’, ‘what resources can I access to help me be more effective in my role?’.

This workshop will bring methods of organisational analysis and systems thinking to:

  • Practice working with experience in the present
  • Explore strategies to taking up one’s role more effectively
  • Enable insights into better mobilising people and teams to serve purpose

The workshop will be facilitated by two leadership development practitioners Rebekah O’Rourke and Aarti Kapoor. Rebekah is a renowned expert in the field with 25 years experience developing executive leadership across 30 countries and various cultures. Aarti Kapoor brings over 15 years of international experience working across the public, NGO and corporate sector.

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22 Sept 2016 8000 THB
4 Oct 2016 9000 THB

* Special discounted rates are available for limited number of participants from small NGOs and small businesses working in the social space. Please get in touch if you feel you might qualify.

To book your place please email info@akinasia.com www.akinasia.com


  • 8.30am Arrival & Welcome
  • 9.00am Presentation & Discussion
  • 10.30am Coffee Break
  • 11.00am Group Work
  • 12.30pm Lunch
  • 1.30pm Group Work
  • 3.00pm Coffee Break
  • 3.30pm Group Work
  • 5pm Conclude