Our Services

Embode is committed to supporting organisations to fulfill their purpose in realising the dignity and rights of people they impact.


To this end, Embode offers expert services in the areas of social protection and development, business and human rights, and organisational analysis; all with the goal of making committed organisations more effective. In particular, we specialise in the areas of labour, migration and child exploitation in supply chains and business operations.


We pride ourselves on being a reliable partner to our clients by following a set of principles in our approach:


  • We work in Alignment to Purpose

We listen carefully to what you want to achieve and why you want to achieve it. This is how we identify the purpose of the project and align ourselves to it through finding and taking up our role.



  • We are Accountable

We remain accountable to working with integrity. So, once we have committed to working with you, you can rely on us not only to deliver, but also be confident in us as a critical friend.



  • We are Adaptable

We work to an agreed plan. And we work with the emergent. To this end, we hold our boundaries in way that enables challenges and factors to be integrated and used as resources.



  • We Learn from Experience

As an agency committed to evolving effectiveness in a dynamic world, we learn from experience in an ongoing way. This forms the foundation for how we collaborate with our clients and partners.


We provide specialist consultancy across the following broad areas in an integrative way.


Social Protection &


Every human being has the right to live with dignity, equality and protection from harm from violence and exploitation. Every child, in particular, has special rights to protection, participation, survival and well-being.


Social protection depends on the development of sustainable systems against extreme vulnerabilities such as structural poverty and marginalisation. Child protection relies upon supported families and safe environments conducive to help children stay safe and thrive. To achieve this requires the development and strengthening of many different types of governance and service-based systems and mechanisms at local, national and international levels.


We offer specialist consultancy in research and assessment as well as designing, monitoring and evaluating initiatives on a range of technical areas from labour rights, ethical recruitment, social protection, forced labour, anti-trafficking and gender equality.


Our extensive portfolio of child-focused projects include assessments of child labour in communities and supply chains, evaluation of child protection programmes, developing guidance on child participation and business responses to child labour, as well as developing training on subjects such as child protection, child labour and child safe tourism.

Human Rights

Business enterprises have the responsibility to respect human rights whilst governments have the responsibility to protect human rights.


The ‘UN Guiding Principles on Business and Human Rights’ were established in 2011 and clarified the roles and responsibilities of governments and business enterprises. Since then, further laws, regulations, policies and tools have been developed and launched to clarify how businesses must take up their responsibility in respecting human rights both through their supply chains and stakeholder relations.


We offer independent services in risk assessments, due diligence, policy development, training and expert advisory to both business and not-for-profit agencies working in the area of sustainable and responsible business. We have particular expertise in child rights, ethical recruitment and labour protection.


Our growing portfolio of work in this area includes a comprehensive assessment of migrant labour in supply chains, researching processes of recruitment in labour-sending countries, delivering training and technical capacity building in labour supply chains, as well as assessing corporate sustainability programmes and due diligence processes for improvement and innovation.


Every organisation exists for a purpose.


How effective it is at achieving that purpose depends on the dynamic interrelation of forces and factors, both internal and contextual to its boundaries. Organisational systems are not simply mechanistic machines, but involve living, conscious people who work collectively with their passions, desires, fears and anxieties. The leadership capacity to read and respond to systemic living dynamics in an ongoing emergent way is integral to organisational effectiveness.


We offer dedicated consultancy to organisations in building systemic leadership capacity through a range of experiential methodologies. We already work with systems-thinking and socio-analysis integrated across all our work theme areas. We also offer bespoke, systemic leadership consultancy in responding to the unique issues of organisations.


Our portfolio in this area of expertise has involved facilitation of strategic conferences and events for INGOs leadership teams and departments, as well as providing consultancy to multi-day group relations programmes. This has included working with diverse schools of group relations such as the Grubb Institute, the Global Leadership Practice, CSGSS (the Center for Study of Groups and Social Systems) and IFSI (the International Forum for Social Innovation).