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At Embode, we distinguish ourselves by being on-the-ground and familiar with field locations for our work. Since establishing in 2015, Embode has undertaken field research and assignments in over ten countries across Asia and Africa. Our projects focus on both NGO/UN programmes and business supply chains in areas of child labour, women's empowerment, ethical recruitment, migrant labour, human trafficking and social protection.


Embode takes a consultative and adaptive approach in working with our clients, ensuring transparency in every step. We endeavour to collaborate with our clients as genuine partners in social sustainability, protection and development.

Aarti Kapoor

Managing Director

Aarti Kapoor is Managing Director and Lead Consultant of Embode. She is a qualified lawyer in both the UK (England and Wales) and the US (New York state). She also has a Masters degrees in 'Law and Economics' as well as 'Systems Leadership and Organisational Analysis'.


Aarti has over 20 years of professional experience, including 17 years working on human rights issues, with a focus on forced labour, human trafficking and child exploitation. She is also a trained Organisational Analyst and has worked in leadership positions in the UK and South East Asia with government, NGOs and corporate agencies as well as undertaken assignments in Eastern Europe and Africa.


Whilst leading Embode, Aarti has overseen and managed a broad client portfolio. This has included the assessment of child labour in cocoa supply chains in Côte d'Ivoire, Ghana and Indonesia, migrant labour vulnerabilities in the palm oil sector of Malaysia, analysing Nepal as a labour-sending country, gathering effective practices in child participation in Cambodia and building senior leadership teams in the non-profit sector across Asia.


Prior to establishing Embode, Aarti led Project Childhood, an Australian government regional initiative against child sexual exploitation in tourism across Cambodia, Lao PDR, Thailand and Vietnam for World Vision. This included directing an international child safe tourism campaign reaching over 15 million people and overseeing an education / awareness-raising programme on prevention of child sexual abuse to over 40,000 people, including children and parents.


Previous to this, Aarti was the Chief Policy Advisor for the UK’s Child Exploitation and Online Protection centre (CEOP) where she headed up its Child Trafficking Unit after carrying out the first UK Government commissioned national assessment on child trafficking. In her position she also led police policy development on child trafficking on behalf of ACPO (Association of Chief Police Officers) Lead Mr Jim Gamble (QPM).


Aarti is known in the sector for her analytical mind and capability to think strategically and systemically. She is passionately dedicated to helping organisations reach their highest potential and effectiveness.


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Associates &

Embode operates through a small and growing core team of Associates and Advisors, and an expanding roster of diverse and capable Consultants across the world. We work collaboratively and consultatively within the team, ensuring consistency across our projects and clients services.


All of our Consultants are selected for reliability, dedication and their established expertise. Embode's Consultants have backgrounds in academia, international organisations, government as well as public and private sectors. Their specialisations range from a broad array of fields such as research, social and economic development, policy and law enforcement as well as sustainable business. As part of Embode's philosophical and systemic approach, Associates and Consultants are enrolled in an ongoing process of learning and integration.


The profiles below include Embode's current Associates and Advisors who are part of our core team as well as Consultants who take on roles for various projects.

Verity Kowal


Verity Kowal is a Senior Associate at Embode and has tertiary qualifications in both communications and international development. She has over 10 years experience working in communications, specialising in communications for development (C4D) as well as child protection and child rights.


Verity has worked for both corporates and a number of NGO’s, including World Vision, Child Wise (part of Save the Children Australia) and the Red Cross. She has experience working in Thailand, Vietnam, Cambodia, Lao PDR, Ethiopia and Australia. In these roles she has been responsible for managing corporate partnerships, community engagement, programme materials, media and PR, and behaviour-change and advocacy communications at both national and international levels.


Whilst at World Vision, Verity was responsible for the implementation of the Child Safe Tourism campaign, which was a behaviour change initiative to prevent child sexual exploitation in Southeast Asia. She was also involved in the research that investigated traveller behaviour and attitudes in relation to children in destination countries. Most recently, her work for the Red Cross included developing the national communications strategy and policy for Ethiopia, conducting monitoring and evaluation activities for the Strengthening for Emergency Response in Africa (SERA) initiative, and designing a C4D toolkit for the regional migration programme in the Horn of Africa.


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Liva Sreedharan


Liva Sreedharan is an Associate of Embode and is a specialist in anti-trafficking, migrant rights and labour rights in Malaysia and the Southeast Asia region. She has a Masters in Criminology with Forensic Psychology and was selected as the sole Hubert Humphrey Fellow representing Malaysia at the University of Minnesota Law School in 2013-2014. With Embode, Liva has taken key roles in research conducted in Malaysia, India, Nepal and Vietnam.


For the last 12 years, Liva has worked to galvanise migrant communities, civil society organisations and the Malaysian Government to collaborate on enhancing protection of victims of human trafficking through legal advocacy, capacity building and community outreach projects. Her work has included taking a pivotal role in lobbying lawmakers to draft and adopt upgraded legislation in relation to anti-trafficking and domestic workers, supporting operation processes in migrant worker oganisations, as well as training and capacity building for law enforcement and judicial officers. Her research has led to numerous publications, including Gender and Migration, No Such Thing as Calm and The Revolving Door. In her work, Liva has collaborated with many international organisations such as the International Labour Organisation, Liberty Asia, Justice Without Borders and CHS Alliance.


Liva's projects with Emboded have included undertaking national consultations and research with stakeholders and migrant workers in Malaysia's palm oil sector, leading community field research in India's cocoa supply chain, providing advisory to an assessment of Nepal as a labour supply country and drafting an assessment of garment labour conditions in Vietnam.


Liva has taken up roles in the following Embode projects:

  • Conducting an assessment of labour conditions in the garment value chain in Vietnam (Anti-Slavery International)
  • Conducting a situational assessment of the cocoa value chain and communities in India (Mondelēz International)
  • Assessing Accountabilities in relation to Migrant Labour in the Palm Oil sector in Malaysia - Phase 1 (Mondelēz International)
  • Assessing Accountabilities in relation to Migrant Labour in the Palm Oil sector in Malaysia - Phase 2 - Nepal (Cargill, Bunge Loders Crocklaan)

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David Feingold, PhD


Dr David Feingold is a Senior Advisor to Embode and provides strategic advice in key technical and research related areas. David is the director of the Ophidian Research Institute and for fifteen years served as International Coordinator for Trafficking and HIV/AIDS in the Office of the Regional Advisor for Culture, UNESCO, Bangkok. He developed the UNESCO HIV/AIDS and Trafficking Programme with two mandates: intensive research and ethnic minority populations. The programme developed the only research-based culturally and linguistically appropriate prevention materials, authored in minority languages. The programme also developed the UNESCO Trafficking Statistics Project that tracked and evaluated trafficking numbers. David also directed the UNESCO Highland Citizenship Project and the two largest vulnerability surveys of highland people in Thailand. In addition, he coordinated the UNESCO project on cultural factors in the prevention and promotion of gender-based violence.


Educated at Dartmouth, Yale and Columbia, he is a research anthropologist and an award-winning filmmaker. He has conducted extensive field research in Southeast Asia over four decades, particularly among the Akha and Shan peoples. He has represented UNESCO at numerous international fora on human trafficking, including as the representative to ICAT and chaired the Statelessness Working Group. David has served on the management board of UNIA and is a Visiting Professor at the American University of Paris, a Fellow of the Royal Anthropological Institute, and a Fellow of the Centre d’Anthropologie de la Chine du Sud et de la Peninsule Indochinoise (CACSPI).



David has advised on the following Embode projects:

  • Assessing Accountabilities in relation to Migrant Labour in the Palm Oil sector in Malaysia (Phase 1) (Mondelēz International)
  • Assessing Accountabilities in relation to Migrant Labour in the Palm Oil Sector in Malaysia (Phase 2) – Nepal (Cargill, Bunge Loders Croklaan)


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Frédéric Thomas, PhD

Dr Frédéric Thomas is a Senior Consultant at Embode and an Associate Professor in Tourism Economics at the University of Paris 1 - Pantheon-Sorbonne. He is an international economist and technical expert with over 20 years experience in international development, supply chain analysis and responsible business, with a focus on tourism as well as child exploitation.


Frédéric's work experience for international organisations include the World Bank Group, International Trade Centre, African Union, Asian Bank for Development, UNCTAD, GIZ, CBI and several other NGOs, private companies and think tanks aimed at institutional capacity building and evaluating the impact in order to build policies, trade strategies, business cases and programs for sustainable development. He has led ex-ante and ex-post evaluation in vlaue chain analysis and development, as well as feasibility and opportunity studies.


The strengths of Frédéric come from the diversity of his portfolio of activities (academic and fieldwork), the variety of his technical expertise, ability to manage projects and teams, and extensive international experience; all of which to facilitate the sustainable development of sectors and their backward linkages (including CSR policies and strategies for government, businesses and projects).


Frédéric currently lives in Senegal and has spent over 7 years working in Africa (Senegal, Benin, Mali, Ghana, Burkina Faso, the Gambia and Uganda) and 10 years in Southeast Asia (Cambodia, Thailand, Vietnam, Lao PDR and Myanmar).



Frédéric has taken up roles in the following Embode projects:

  • National Situational Assessment of Child Labour and Child Slavery in Côte d'Ivoire (Mondelēz International)
  • National Situational Assessment of Child Labour and Child Slavery in Ghana (Mondelēz International)


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Amélie Desjardins


Amélie Desjardins is a Consultant at Embode and graduated in Law in Quebec, Canada and has a Masters in International Law (Beijing). Amélie has over 8 years' experience in management and fundraising for private and not-for-profit entities. Her previous work includes data analytics, fundraising processes and database optimisation in the institutional and academic sector. She has also undertaken consultancies in market studies, feasibility studies, risk management analysis, and management of internal legal affairs.


Her experience in the not-for-profit sector includes work for Canadian, American, Costa Rican and Hong Kong-based NGOs. When she was Head of Office of Justice Without Borders Hong Kong, she led the regional fundraising strategy for all offices in Hong Kong, Singapore and Jakarta, managed the caseload of migrant domestic workers returnees in Indonesia and the Philippines, and provided continuing professional development and caseworker trainings on labour laws. Amélie has also worked as a researcher for a NGO in Costa Rica focusing on women’s rights, refugees and migrants, studying the Colombia to USA migration route.


An entrepreneur at heart, Amélie recently helped launched a clean and renewable energy startup based in Rwanda, called Moto Energy Solution, and built the supply chain in China.



Amélie has taken up roles in the following Embode projects:

  • Conducting a Market Study and Business Case for Fundraising – Thailand (Hivos International)
  • Assessing child labour issues and risks within Cargill Cocoa and Chocolate supply chain – desk based review for Tanzania, Uganda, DRC, Papua New Guinea and Côte d’Ivoire (Cargill Cocoa and Chocolate)
  • Analysing the Gaps and Opportunities to Women’s Empowerment efforts across the Cocoa Life programme in Côte d’Ivoire, Ghana and Indonesia (Mondelēz International)
  • Conducting a situational assessment of the cocoa value chain and communities in India (Mondelēz International)


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Anna Sakreti Nawangsari


Anna Sakreti is a Consultant at Embode. Anna has 20 years of operational and strategic experience working as a Senior Social Worker in Indonesia across issues of human trafficking, migrant workers, child labour, gender-based violence, internally displaced persons and psychosis. She has undertaken direct casework which has included providing counselling, support through referral mechanisms, and advocacy with government, non-government and international organisations. Anna has used this experience to develop the concept and analysis of a psycho-social database of trafficked victims.


At policy level, Anna has worked in advocacy and strengthening of referral mechanisms in relation to human trafficking. This has included building and coordinating a network of government and NGOs across Indonesia and internationally. Due to her expertise, Anna has provided technical consultation to the Indonesian Government over a number of years on laws on domestic violence and human trafficking.


Anna has also undertaken social research, using both quantitative and qualitative methods, on internally displaced persons, child and maternal health, community development, prostitution, and social development. She is a credible trainer having developed and delivered training modules on human trafficking, gender, and violence nationally.



Anna has taken up a role in the following Embode project:

  • National Situational Assessment of Child Labour in Indonesia (Mondelēz International)


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Stéphane De Greef


Stéphane De Greef is a Consultant at Embode and focuses on environment, sustainable agriculture and human rights. He graduated in Agronomic Engineering in Gemboux, Belgium, with a specialisation in Environmental Management. Stéphane has over 18 years of combined experience in information management, research, capacity building, monitoring and evaluation for governmental, non-governmental and private entities.


From the most remote areas to the higher offices of government, Stephane’s mission is to observe, assess, analyse, report and recommend pragmatic actions to solve a wide range of informational and logistical issues. Always ready to travel by any means necessary to the least accessible places in order to gather crucial field information, his responsibilities also encompass processing large datasets to ‘get the big picture’, be it about certified supply chains, beneficiaries or biodiversity.


Fluent in French and English, with notions of Khmer and Spanish, he has worked in countless multicultural environments in Asia, Latin America and Africa. His past work experience includes various roles in capacity building, research, monitoring and evaluation in the fields of humanitarian mine clearance, victim assistance, human rights, education, public health, environment, sustainable tourism and archaeology.



Stéphane has taken up a role in the following Embode project:

  • Assessing child labour issues and risks within Cargill Cocoa and Chocolate supply chain – field-based research in Sulawesi, Indonesia (Cargill Cocoa and Chocolate)


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Korotoum Doumbia


Korotoum is a Consultant in sustainable development and specializes in sustainable agriculture. She has 15 years experience in the cocoa sector and is competent in undertaking research, assessments, capacity building and training activities.


In 2013, Korotoum founded K'Origins aiming to promote sustainable development in mining, agriculture and industry sectors in Côte d'Ivoire and West Africa. K’Origins’ major clients include Utz Certified, Fairtrade International, OLAM, Cargill and Barry Callebaut.


Before founding K’Origins, Korotoum held various posts with international agencies. This included posts such as an auditor and Liaison Officer for West Africa in FLO (Fairtrade International), a Child Protection Officer with the United Nations Peacekeeping Mission in Cote d Ivoire, a Cocoa Programme Manager at Solidaridad and a Certification Programme Manager at Cemoi.



Korotoum has taken up a role with the following Embode project:

  • National Situational Assessment of Child Labour and Child Slavery in Côte d'Ivoire (Mondelēz International)


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Bharathi Ghanashyam


Bharathi Ghanashyam is a Consultant at Embode and has a special interest in health, women's issues, child rights and marginalised smallholder farmers. She has over 15 years experience in showcasing innovative models of development interventions through reader-friendly case studies and mainstream media articles for leading national and international publications. Her main strengths lie in interacting with grassroots communities in order to map changes and reflect them through the case studies with an objective to promote replicable models that can lead to scale.


Her work has been recognised by national and international organisations that have resulted in several fellowships and awards, including the WHO Stop TB Award 2011 for Excellence in Writing on TB, and the Journalist in Residence Fellowship 2016 awarded by the Institute for Tropical Medicine, Antwerp.



Bharathi has taken up a role in the following Embode project:

  • Conducting a situational assessment of the cocoa value chain and communities in India (Mondelēz International)


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